Am I Pregnant?

What is happening to my body?

According to the popular book, What to Expect When You're Expecting:

"You can have all of the signs of early pregnancy and not be pregnant. Or you can have only a few of them and be very definitely pregnant."

It's important that you not rely on symptoms alone to diagnose pregnancy. However, possible signs of pregnancy include:

  • Absence of menstruation, usually for the entire pregnancy
  • Morning sickness (which can occur anytime of day) 2-8 weeks after conception
  • Frequent urination, usually 6-8 weeks after conception
  • Tingling, tender, swollen breasts as early as a few days after conception
  • Changes in color of vaginal and cervical tissue (first trimester)
  • Darkening of area around nipple and elevation of tiny glands around nipple (first trimester)
  • Blue and pink lines under skin on breasts, and later on abdomen (first trimester)
  • Food cravings (first trimester)
  • Darkening of line from navel to pubis (4th or 5th month)

Remember, it is important to see a doctor to confirm pregnancy.