What Should I Do?

Talk to Someone.

You may be feeling scared to tell anyone about your unplanned pregnancy—your parents, boyfriend, or a school counselor for instance—but it is very important that you not try to face this situation on your own. At Opportunities for Life, we can help!

In addition to helping you gather information and learn about your options, we can also counsel you on how to talk to your parents, a relative, friend or school counselor. You will definitely benefit from the support of someone close to you, not only when making your decision, but throughout your entire experience. We can help you find the right things to say to the ones you love.

The most important thing we at Opportunities for Life would like for you to remember is that you are not alone. Call or Text us right now at 1-800-822-5824.

Others you can talk to:


A Caring Connection - A Caring Connection is a licensed charity that provides counseling, adoption & pregnancy services across Kentucky. They connect women undergoing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy with couples whose hearts long for an adopted child.